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Information on the town of Tübingen
The picturesque Swabian town of Tübingen in southern Germany is an idyllic place to learn the German language, with the river Neckar running through the centre of the town, and home to approximately 90,000 people, including 23,000 students. The town being geographically positioned in the centre of Baden-Wurttemberg, with Schoenbuch, a forested nature reserve to the north, the Schwabische Alb mountains to the south and an artificial lakes to the East and West. Tübingen is also not far from Stuttgart International Airport, which is approximately 33Km Northeast of the town, giving visitors to the town an easy gateway to visit other parts of Germany.
Tübingen encompasses the best of the 'old and the 'new'. The stunning historical centre of Tübingen, most of it pedestrianised, is a centre of attraction, with many things to do, see and enjoy, giving tourists a taste of the 'old' Tübingen. Visitors can enjoy the lovely old half timbered buildings, monuments from the Middle Ages, the castle, town hall (considered to be one of the most beautiful in Germany), squares and gardens, traditional wine taverns, theatres, exceptional shops and lovely cobbled medievel streets. The 'new' Tübingen is very much a cosmopolitan town, directly influenced by the University of Tübingen, which attracts students from all over the world, making the town a vibrant and international place to live. Due to the vast number of students in the town, Tübingen enjoys a bustling and lively nightlife, with a diverse array of activities to choose from, whether its dancing, sampling the famous German beer, going to the theatre, listening to live music, or going to the cinema, Tübingen has got something to interest everyone. The infrastructure and size of the town is also perfect for anyone visiting without a car, with many bicycle lanes making Tübingen a great place for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

The beautiful town of Tübingen displays similarities to both the prestigious English city of Oxford and the famous American city of Boston. The trade marks of these cities being their renound and well established universities, along with the many students that take residence there, making the cities laid-back, friendly and very welcoming. Another point of comparison linking these locations are the rivers that run through them, punting and rowing being a popular activity amoung visitors and locals alike.

Learning German in Germany could not be more fun, especially here in Tübingen. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, you will be able to find a range of activities and accommodation to fit your taste in this dynamic and lively town. At the learn German 4u language school we want you to get the most out of your stay here with us in Tübingen, therefore we have organised a leisure programme, that takes place in the evenings and at weekends, giving you many opportunities outside the classroom to learn German and to practice what you have learnt. With many activities planned inside Tübingen as well as outside the town, visiting well renowned German cities, and sampling the culture and sights that Tübingen has to offer.

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