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Tübingen Yearly Calendar
The town of Tübingen has a varied and extensive range of things happening all year round. Below is a list of the main events that happen annually in the town. For more information and for a more extensive list of events happening in Tübingen, please contact the local Toursit Information office. You may want to plan your trip around one of these events. However, there is so much going on in Tübingen all year round, that studying abroad and taking a German course is possible and very enjoyable any time of year at our language school.

Tübinger Stadtfest
Tübingen town festival usually takes place every other year in the middle of June, however this can sometimes be slightly later, during the month of July, so make sure you check the local tourist information website. Approximately 62 clubs and organisations come together to transform the old town of Tübingen, offering swabian and international specialities, only to be found abroad, celebrating multi-cultural Tübingen.

Tübinger Sommerfest
The traditional Tübingen Summer Festival takes place annually, around late June and early July. It is described as a Volksfest, which is well known for its funfair style rides and attractions, and also for famous German beer, with many beer tents to be found offering beer by the litre. There are also many performers who perform at this festival, as well as musicans. Popular, especially among those with children, is 'family day', where funfair rides are discounted for the whole day. There is also a spectacular firework display at the end of the summer festival, which has been described as an unforgettable highlight of the festival.

Taking place yearly by the Anlagensee is the Sommerinsel Festival, serving a variety of specialities, with many performers and muscians performing here throughout the eleven day period.

Umbrisch-provenzalischer Markt
The famous market attracts 100,000 visitors to the town yearly, making the town come alive. Taking place in the old town, it brings a delightful, varied and somewhat extensive collection of hand crafted goods , regional specialities, from many different places, attracting many street artists and musicians. Please go to for more information.

Französiche Filmtage
The French Film festival has been running since 1984, and has always been a great success. Films are presented from Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and the francophone African countries. Whether your studying film, or are just a film enthusiast, there are many film productions from all genres to view, with the opportunity to choose your favourite film or to participate in discussions with international authors, producers and actors.

The Christmas market is one of the highlights of the year in Tübingen. It takes place on two weekends in the middle of December and consists of many charming and individual market stands. The atmosphere is unforgettable and the smell of the mulled wine and other seasonal food and drink, really gets people into the christmas spirit.

These events are just a few of the things going on in Tübingen every year that makes studying abroad in Germany so much fun, no matter what time of year there is always something going on in this lively town. Taking a German course around christmas time, means you can enjoy the christmas market that is spread all over the town, or taking a German course during the summer time means you can have fun with the wide range of festivals the town has to offer. Taking a German course in the spring is great too, with the beautiful scenery and sports events that take place. Come to Germany and make the most of studying abroad!

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