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Our German courses in Germany
We offer a variety of courses for people wishing to learn German in Germany or to improve on their already existing skills. From Beginner and intermediate courses, to Advanced courses, as well as some business German courses, please refer to our
Dates & Prices page for more details. We also tailor our courses exactly to your needs. If you do not find exactly what your looking for below, please contact us with what you would like to learn, and we can structure a course around your chosen areas. Below you can find the basic outline and structure of our courses and you can also identify which level you are at.
Level Description
A1 Beginner's intensive German language courses
Basic language usage
This course is designed for people who are learning German for the first time, or for people who have a limited knowledge of the language. The course is structured around the everyday usage of the language in everyday life. Topics include: Family, hobbies, personal details, where people live,etc., and questioning other people to find out information about them. These topics will be covered in all three disciplines: speaking, reading and writing. At the end of the course, participants will be able to use common everyday phrases, with simple sentence structures and will be able to understand the easier forms of the language and make themselves understood by other people. The participant will also be able to read simple texts and write simple peronal letters, postcards and emails.
A2 This intensive German course develops and builds on the skills that were learnt in the previous A1 course. Participants will be able to express their opinions by the end of the course and master a range of everyday situations, with relatively good understanding. Information on people, family, shopping, the work place, and food will be the main topics covered.
B1 Intermediate intensive German language Courses
Independent language usage
The aim of this course is to improve the participants understanding of the language in everyday life situations, so by the end of the course they will be able to express themselves with ease and make general comments. The participant will be able to communicate their opinions and also give short presentations in front of a group of people. The participant will also be able to speak about and describe their own experiences, personal interests, dreams, hopes, targets and plans, giving their reasons for these and a short explanation. Topics include: more on the work place, school and freetime.
B2 This course focuses on more complex texts referring to contemporary topics. The participant will be able to communicate spontaneously and fluently on a wide range of topics by the end of the course. They will also be able to speak to a native speaker with ease, without it being strenuous on either party, they will be able to give advantages and disadvantages on outlined topics, as well as stating their own opinions, and be able to write clearly on a diverse range of topics.
C1 Advanced instensive German language Courses
Competent Language usage
This course is designed for the advanced users of the language, for people who are already very good German speakers and who would like to brush up on their skills and build on them. The aims of the course is to bring the participants to a level where they can express themselves fluently, with ease about a large range of complex topics and argue their own points of view within a group of people. The participant will be able to use the language socially and in their professional life or for academic purposes, using all three diciplines of reading, writing and speaking.
C2 Designed for people that can accomplish almost everything in the German language effortlessly and for people who want to get a better understanding of scientific and research work, either for professional purposes or for studying at a university in Germany. By the end of the course participants will be able to express themselves very fluently, almost as if they were a native speaker, being able to write about complex topics accurately, as well as being able to understand everything that they hear and read, from newspapers, to political discussions.

Business German course. Intensive German language courses


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Business German course. Intensive German language courses