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Things to do in Tübingen!
There is so much going on in Tübingen, learning German in Germany with us could not be more fun! With a variety of different things on offer, no matter what time of day or night. Giving the you plenty of opporunities to practice speaking the language with the locals.

A noticeable asset of Tübingen is the cultural scene of the town, for a town this size, it really has an amazing amount to offer! Art exhibitions, concerts, stage plays, festivals, theatres and an abundance of museums, all contribute to the versatile cultural scene of the town. Making Tübingen a great town for a German lesson in Germany's culture.
Tübingen is home to two of the best theatres of the region, Landestheatre (LTT), a chamber theatre and the Zimmertheater, with performances during the week and at weekends. It also has numerous independent theatre companies, including a theatre for children "Teo Tiger", meaning that there is something for everyone to enjoy, whether young or old, student or professional. Germany is well known for the history of its theatres, so seeing a play is must when visiting the town of Tübingen, not only is it great for your understanding of the German language but it is also an important lesson in German history.

There is also a multitude of museums to visit, which can all help to improve your knowledge of Germany, its people and its culture. The Kunsthalle, for example, boasts a large number of modern art exhibitions for all to enjoy. Other museums include the Schlossmuseum (castle museum), Stadtmuseum (Town Museum), Hölderlin Tower Museum, Boxenstop (car and toy museum), Hohentübingen Castle, Palaeontological Collection, Mineralogical Collection and the Bebenhausen Priory.

Throughout the year Tübingen plays host to a variety of different festivals. Whether it is films, music, cars, toys, chocolate, or just having fun that interests you, there are festivals to suit everyones taste. The summer festival, held in late June to the middle of July annually, is fun for the whole family, with a colourful line-up of performers, musicians and funfair attractions. There are five film festivals that come to the town every year; consisting of the French Film Festival, The Cine Latino Festival, Short Film Festival, Summer Night Outdoor Movie Theatre, and the Tübinger Filmnächte (Movie Nights). Other Festivals also include the Retromotor festival, for toy and car enthusiasts, the ChocolART - chocolate festival, taking place in early December, the Jazz and Classical festival, as well as many other musical festivals that happen throughout the year. If you would like to plan a German language course around one of these festivals, please visit our Tübingen Calendar page to see when they are taking place throughout the year. Alternitavely visit the local Toursit information page.

There are also many concerts to enjoy, whether your music preference is Jazz, Classical, pop, or rock, with various events happening throughout the year. Classical music concerts are performed in the summer refectory of the Bebenhausen Priory and also in the Collegiate Church, with performances such as the 'Tübinger Orgelsommer' and Tübingen's motets. The Sudhaus is also popular for concerts, and theatre performances, amongst many other things. Various pop and rock concerts take place yearly, with the Sommerinsel Fest and the RACT festival. Also popular amoung the students is the Stadtfest, taking place annually on a weekend in July.

Germany as a whole is well known throughout the world for its famous markets, and the markets in Tübingen are no exception! There are many markets throughout the year that attract visitors from many different countries, including: the typical Christmas Market, taking place on two weekends in the middle of December, the Umbrian Provencal Market, taking place in late September and attracting over 100,000 visitors to the area, the flea and art markets and the markets that take place on St. Martin's and St. George's Day, giving visiors a real flavour of the area.

If you enjoy a calm and relaxing atmosphere when it comes to shopping, Tübingen is the place to be. Shopping here can be done stress free, emphasing the laid-back atmosphere of the town. Tübingen has everything that you could possibly need, with shops located around the town. The old town centre offering a wide variety of different shops, from small and unique shops, to normal highstreet shops, with a high quality and versatile range of products. Shopping is not only a great activity for familiarising yourself with foreign products, but it is also another opportunitiy to practice speaking German and to improve your confidence when speaking the language.

Pub culture:
It really is impossible to improve German beer, and if you are a beer or wine drinker, you will be pleased to know that there is no shortage of pubs in Tübingen. An abundant amount of pubs can be found around the town centre and also on the outskirts, where the beer is considered to be top quality. Many pubs are situated along the river Neckar. One, very popular with tourists and locals alike, is the Neckar Müller pub, where the evening can be spent drinking and socialising in the huge beer garden, whilst watching the 'Stockerkahn' (boats of Tübingen) being punted down the river. Other pubs include the Boulanger, Pfauen, Hauptbahnhof, Ludwigs, Collegium, Schöne Aussichten, Bierkeller, Schloßcafe, where music can also heard. Wine houses can also be enjoyed by tourists in the area.

There are a vast array of restaurants, including many that serve up the specialities of the region (Schwäbische Spezialitäten), which ought to be sampled when wanting to get a real flavour of the regional food and improve your knowledge of the German specialities. Restaurants including the Historischen Weinstube Forelle, Wurstküche, and the Casino am Neckar are a few examples. Apart from the German cusine, there are many international restaurants, giving people the option of eating, African, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Italian, Mexican, and Thai food, whatever it is that takes your fancy.

If it is late night activities that you enjoy, you can find pubs, clubs and discos that are open into the early hours of the morning, giving you many opportunies to improve your German around the clock. Zentrumzoo, Mancuso, Blaue Turm, Sudhaus and La Cave are a few examples of the popular venues that people venture to to dance the night away.

Tübingen is considered to be a national sport centre for track and field running, with sporting events such as: the international City Run in the summer and a half-marathon on St. Nicholas Day. The town also has a major-division Basket ball team and many other sporting teams, many deriving from the university. So why not watch a bit of the action in Tübingen, whilst taking a German language course.

If after a day of working hard in your German language course you would like some time to relax, then why not take a nice relaxing walk down the river Neckar or get a group of you together from your German language course and have a lesson on how to punt a Stocherkahn (a traditional punt-type boat from Tübingen) down the river. Alternatively, why not visit the near by Forest Natural Park of Schönbuch, which is perfect for long scenic walks with friends, or for getting away to be alone for a while. Also a perfect place to sit and relax are the two botanical gardens of Tübingen. Another possibility is lounging around in one of the many pretty street cafe's or parks.

Our aim is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to improve your German speaking and to broaden your knowledge of this language and culture, therefore we organise outings and excursions daily after your German language course, aiming to give you a sample of the sights and attractions in Tübingen, the culture of the town (Theatre's and museums), nightlife and pub culture, the festivals (depending on time of year), the markets, and a tour of the town. We also offer excursions during weekends to other towns and cities further away, to give you a well rounded view of Germany, and amples of possibilities to improve your German speaking as well as other aspects of the language.

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