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Places to Visit in and around Tübingen
As well as the town of Tübingen itself, there are many other places and cities to visit, not too far away from this beautiful town. There are so many reasons why you should learn German in Germany here with us at the Learn German 4u language school in Tübingen!
Tübingen town centre
The town centre is full of many lovely things to see. With its half-timbered housing, charming cobbled streets, unique and attractive shops and old churches. It is a lovely place to visit and stroll along after your German class during the day.

The river Neckar
The river Neckar, which runs through the town, is a beautiful and refreshing place to take a walk along, where you can watch the boats go by and absorb the great atmosphere that Tübingen has to offer. Why not get a group of you together and try out a 'Stocherkahn' (a traditional punt-type boat from Tübingen) and go punting down the river.

Tübingen Schloß / Castle
Hohentübingen Castle is the name given to the castle found in the centre of Tübingen. Located round the corner from the market place, this lovely castle is definitely worth visiting. The castle houses numerous collections from the university and there are frequent concerts in the castle courtyard.

Holderlin's Tower (Holderlinturm)
This tower was once the home of a famous poet, Friedrich Hölderlin. Overlooking the river Neckar, it is one of the most photographed views, due to its location and positioning along the river. Guided tours are given on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as during the holidays.

The Stiftkirche
This magnificent church is situated in the old town (Altstadt) and is uphill from the market square. It has been described as outstanding in appearance, and can be viewed from all over the town. A visit inside the church is well worth it, where there are many spectacular stained glass windows and other exhibits.

A small lake, located on the other side of the subway by the railway station, is a great place to stroll along, when heading to the town centre from the railway station.

Schönbuch forest reservation
If you you need something refreshing to do after your German class, Schönbuch forest, a natural park, located to the North of Tübingen is a lovely place to visit, especially if you want to relax and get away from it all. The Schönbuch covers an area of 156km² and is almost completely wooded, with very few roads running through it, making it popular for many recreational activities. Cycling, in particular, is very popular amoung tourists and locals and it is possible to hire a bike for the day.

Cistercian Abby
Located in the Schönbuch forest, roughly 6km north of Tübingen, is the old cistercian abby of Bebenhausen, which was founded in 1187 A.D. The Monastry being especially nice to visit at night, when it is partly illuminated. Why not also look around the lovely small village of Bebenhausen, which is located next to the monastery.

Burg Hohenzollern
A castle, situated not too far from Tübingen, is the 'Burg Hohenzollern'. This fairytale like castle is one of the most beautiful and most visited castles in Europe, located on top of a hill, giving spectacular views out across the Swabian Alb.

Bühl Village
Bühl, a village located in the Neckar valley, about 6km west of Tübingen, is worth a visit. The village has a lovely historical city centre, with its Renaissance chateau, as well as the nature reserve Bühlertal and the Hauser Farmer's museum.

Reutlingen town
Reutlingen, a town located approximately 10 minutes drive away from Tübingen, is easily accessible by road or rail. Popular with the locals in Tübingen for clothes shopping and for the nightlife. There are also many sights to be seen in Reutlingen, a few examples are: the Spitalhof, the Guild Fountain, Achalm, which is a hill with gorgeous views of the city below, there are also many churches, such as the Church of St. Nicholas and the Church of St. Mary.

Schloß Lichtenstein
Another fairytale like castle located not too far away from Tübingen is the 'Schloß Lichtenstein' (not related to the Liechtenstein family). It is located near Honau in the Swabian Alb at the edge of an impressive gorge surrounded by steep cliffs. If your interested in castles, this one is definetly not to be missed.

Refreshing your German in the town of Tübingen could not be a better experience. With so many sights to see and places to visit, giving you plenty of opportunities to speak German with the local people. Not only will you have plenty of chances to speak in your German class, but you can speak German with a whole range of people, giving you the best scope to improve your understanding and practice your speaking skills. If you are wishing to improve your writing skills, why not write a piece on Tübingen, with there being many attractions and sights to insire you. Many famous scholars, see Tübingen Facts , found the town very inspirational, for example: Friedrich Hoelderlin, he would write German poetry from the famous Hoelderlin Tower. Also Ludwig Uhland, who would also write German poetry in the town.

We make refreshing your German knowledge fun, whether you are learning German for the first time or refreshing German previously learnt, your German class in Tübingen will encompass a good range of activities to optimise your learning of the language and to give you the best experience in and out of your German class, so you will find learning the language not only refreshing, but easy with quick results.

Refreshing German class. Speak German. Write
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