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Getting to Tübingen
The most convenient way to get to Tübingen, if you are coming from outside Germany, is to fly to Stuttgart International Airport, which is approximately 33 km North East of Tübingen. There are a number of airines that fly into Stuttgart Airport and the most convenient connections can be made from Frankfurt, Munich, or Zurich (Switzerland).

There are a number of different ways to get to Tübingen from Stuttgart airport. There is a shuttle bus (Airport Sprinter), line no. 828, which runs between the airport and the central bus station of Tübingen and takes approximately 50minutes. The cost is 4,60 EUR and you can purchase your tickets on the bus. The buses operate on an hourly service during the week and on Saturdays they operate every 2 hours. On Sundays and national or regional holidays there is no bus service.

If you would prefer to travel by taxi, you can find a taxi stop located in front of the airport building. The taxi takes about 30 to 40 minutes and will cost you about 46 EUR.

It is also possible to take the train from the airport. You need to use the S-bahn (located on the ground floor of the aiport), lines S2 or S3 and head for the main train station in Stuttgart (Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof). Trains run approximately every 10 to 20 minutes. It will take you about 30mins to reach the main train station in Stuttgart, once you have reached Hauptbahnhof you will need to get of the S-bahn and use the DB (Deutsch Bundesbahn). Trains leave every hour for Tübingen and go via Esslingen, Plochingen, Nürtingen, and Reutlingen, and take approximately 1 hour. The main train station in Tübingen is very close to the city centre. To check train times, please visit the following website:
Deutsche Bundesbahn

If you are travelling from another destination inside Europe by train, Stuttgart main train station is the one to travel to. The ICE, IC, EC all travel to Stuttgart train station. You can then follow the instructions above to get to Tübingen.

If you are travelling to Tübingen by car from Stuttgart airport, you can use either the A81 (E41) motorway, which goes from Stuttgart-Singen or the A8 (E52) motorway, which links Munich-Stuttgart-Karlsruhe.

If you are using the A8 (E52) leave it at exit no. 52 (Stuttgart-Degerloch) and then follow the sign Tübingen / Reutlingen (B27). This route takes about 25 minutes to reach the outskirts of Tübingen. However, it is often jammed at rush hour.

If you are using the A81 motorway (Singen to Stuttgart), leave at exit no. 28 which is signposted Herrenberg and follow the sign to Tübingen, Ammerbuch (B28). It takes about 15minutes to reach the outskirts of Tübingen and takes you via Ammerbuch-Entringen and Unterjesingen.

About travelling to Tübingen
Tübingen is a place where people can come for peace and quiet and to get a break from the stress of work. Of course if you want to live it up, there are plenty of opportunities to do this both day and night, however the overall feel of Tübingen is that it is a calm and stress free place to be. Travelling to and from Tübingen is also relatively stress free, however, be aware that German transport nearly always leaves on time and not a minute before or after.


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